Sunday, January 8, 2012


1. Occasionally Dame Fortune smiles at the unfortunate.

2. O how Fortune smiles at the Rich and Famous,
    O how Fortune smirks at the poor and anonymous.

3. Fortune is the prime occupation of the cunning and opportunistic.

4. Freedom is like a leaden coin--There's a hollow ring to it.

5. The bells of freedom are loudly ringing.
    Unfortunately all tyrants are stone deaf.

6. O Freedom! Thou art a sweet illusion,
    A mirage of nubile houris belly dancing in the desert.

7. An old trusted friend is like vintage wine.
    Its taste is so smooth to the heart's parched tongue.

8. Friendships last that do not ask,
    Friendships last that do not judge.

9. You shall know the fruits by their trees.
    The only problem is that trees are born out of fruits.

10. Hell knows the fury of a woman
      Who has not yet received last month's alimoney.

11. Why worry about the future
      When the present is problematic enough?

12. The food was so rich that the chef
       Died after tasting his own dish.

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