Sunday, January 15, 2012

A poem a day drives the blues away...

by Felix Fojas

Here is the promised song, beloved.
I gave it a monster's body,
Huge and intimidating,
Complete with a hirsute, muscular
Chest as wide as a football field,
A head shaped like the dome
Of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome,
Humongous hands that can
Swat two tigers and an elephant,
And a pair of awesome feet shorn
In a size fifty hobnailed boots.

I have adorned his forehead with
A hundred stiches, and his
Temples are studded with steel bolts.
He is the quintessential freak from
Head to foot, his hand and feet
Chained to a heavy, tilted
Operating table where he
Lies lifeless and inanimate,
A copper band wrapped around
His head to serve as conductor.
It is a waiting game as I count

Each passing night and day by
Twiddling my gloved thumbs while
Waiting, waiting for a perfect
Storm to conjure that keening,
Blinding flash of inspiration,
That rhyming miraculous moment,
Which in turn will quicken my freak
And gift him with foreverness
And the poetic license to wreak
Havoc upon the inarticulate world,
Wake up the living dead.

Los Angeles
Jan. 13, 2012

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